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On Friday, Dec. 1 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., the online bill pay program and pay-by-phone system will be unavailable due to scheduled maintenance on Empire's internet server. Call (970) 565-4444 and select option 1 if you experience an outage during this time. Your patience is appreciated. 

Energy Education

    Power to...Seminars

Quarterly "Power to..." seminars are provided in the Calvin Denton Room and other venues to help members understand how to save energy dollars and become more energy efficient. Topics include net metering, winterization tips, irrigation methods, lighting options and rebates, new programs offered by EEA, and more.  When an event is offered during lunchtime, a light lunch will be provided. 

Watch for advertising on your bill statement, on this website, and on local radio stations. Call our main number to find out how you can register. 


   Safety Presentations 

Safety is a priority for our employees, our members and our community. EEA promotes electrical safety by providing free demonstrations for schools and local organizations to raise awareness of the dangers of electricity. These demonstrations show arching and emphasize that electricity always seeks a path to the ground.  

We typically offer demonstrations at public events like the Four States Ag Expo in March and the Four Corners Home and Garden Show in April.  EEA also provides demonstrations on safety for students and groups at no cost to members. Call Member Services at 970-565-4444 or 800-709-3726 to schedule a safety presentation.

Kites and power lines create a dangerous mix. To make sure your youngsters’ kites fly safely, remind them of a few simple rules:

  • Choose a flying site away from an air field, road, or railway track.
  • Never fly a kite near overhead power cables or lines of any kind. If your kite gets caught in overhead lines, do not try to remove it yourself. Contact EEA or seek help from your local authorities.
  • Do not fly a kite in a thunderstorm. The kite could act as a lightening conductor, which could cause serious injury or death.
  • Avoid flying over the heads of other people or animals as this could cause them alarm, or worse yet, injury. If people walk under your kite, they may be unaware of the dangers. To avoid any problems, fly your kite up to the top of the wind and wait for them to move out of danger.

Watch this video to find out how a Meeker bus driver communicated with students and others to safely avoid a dangerous situation. Meeker Bus Avoids Disaster After Contacting Electric Line
















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