A new rate schedule is effective January 1, 2018.  Download an abbreviated rate schedule or the complete rate schedule. 

Per the mission statement, EEA's rates are cost-based to provide efficient and reliable utility service, at reasonable rates.

Residential rates are designed so customers pay for energy used, plus a facilities charge.

Please contact the EEA office if you have questions about the current rate schedules.


Empire Electric plans to update its meter tampering fee and institute a meter reading fee. 

These changes are scheduled to go into effect on June 1, 2017. 


  • The meter tampering fee is charged when Empire discovers that someone has tampered with a meter in order to steal power.  The present meter tampering fee is $50.00 and Empire plans to increase this fee to $250.00 in order to more accurately recover the costs to deal with tampering events. 


  • The meter reading fee is a new fee that will apply only to those who opt-out of having their meter read remotely.  This fee will be $54.80 per quarter and is meant to recover costs associated with manually reading a meter.  Those who have their meter read remotely will not be charged a meter reading fee.