Utah Statement of Utility Consumer Rights and Responsibilities


CUSTOMER RIGHTS: The utility company will:

• Provide service if you are a qualified applicant.

• Offer you at least one 12-month deferred payment plan if you have a financial emergency.

• Let you pay a security deposit in three installments, if one is required.

• Follow specific procedures for service disconnection which include providing you notice postmarked at least

10 days before service is disconnected.

• Offer winter shut-off protection of energy utility service to qualifying ratepayers.

• Advise you of sources of possible financial assistance in paying your bill.

• Continue service for a reasonable time if you provide a physician's statement that a medical emergency exists in your home.

• Give you written information about Commission rules and your rights and responsibilities as a customer under those rules.

CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITIES: You, the customer will:

• Use services safely and pay for them promptly.

• Contact the utility company when you have a problem with payment, service, safety, billing, or customer service.

• Notify the utility company about billing or other errors.

• Contact the utility company when you anticipate a payment problem to attempt to develop a payment plan.

• Notify the utility company when you are moving to another residence.

• Notify the utility company about stopping service in your name or about stopping service altogether.

• Permit access to your property for essential utility company personnel and equipment.

• To contact the utility company, call the telephone number shown on your utility bill.

If you have a problem, call the utility company first. If you cannot resolve the problem, you may obtain an informal review of the dispute by calling the Utah State Division of Public Utilities Complaint Office at the following telephone numbers:

Salt Lake City: 801-530-7622

Toll Free Statewide: 1-800-874-0904