home with solar panels on roof

Thinking about installing renewable generation to take advantage of EEA's net metering program?

Here are a few FAQs to help you make your decision. If you don't see your question here, please call us at (970) 565-4444 or email energy_management@eea.coop and we will provide an answer.

  • If I install solar generation will I still get a bill from Empire Electric?

    • Yes. A net meter service is still connected to the EEA grid and uses it every day. Our grid delivers power when your generation system is not creating enough power to meet your needs like at night for solar or a calm day for a wind turbine. EEA owns, maintains, and operates the grid. That requires money for people, tools and trucks, and replacing grid equipment when it fails or reaches the end of its useful life.  The money we need to keep the grid operating safely and reliably comes from bills paid by members. Our rates are designed to recover our costs in as fair a manner as possible. Net meter members need to help pay their fair share to use the grid, and we recover those costs through the Grid Access Charge and through the Distribution Demand Charge 

  • Can I make money by putting twice as many panels as I need on my roof and sell the power to EEA?

    • No. EEA limits the size of net meter systems to producing 120% of the annual energy use to allow for variations caused by weather. The net metering program allows members to supply their own energy needs but is not designed for a member to make money by selling power.

  • If I have solar will it power my home if EEA has an outage in my area?

    • If you also have battery storage connected to your generation, you can be supplied by your batteries during an EEA outage. Without a battery storage system, you will not have power from your system. Your generation system will automatically disconnect from the grid as a safety precaution during an outage.

  • What happens when I generate more power than I use?

    • Any excess generation you have will flow back on the EEA grid and will be used by one of your neighbors. Your net meter will record how much excess generation EEA receives. You will get credit for that and be able to offset future energy use with your saved or "banked" kWh. Once each spring you have the opportunity to sell EEA any accumulated excess genertion during Annual True Up. EEA will purchase excess generation at our last 12 month average wholesale energy price. That is currently $0,04036/kWh.

  • Can I install the generation system myself?

    • Yes. You will need to successfully complete the application process which requires a safe design and meets all of the requirements in EEA's Interconnection Standard as well as pass a state electrical inspection.