Keeping You Current

With Updated Meters

EEA upgraded its metering more. For more information on commonly asked questions regarding this meter change, please read our Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Upgrade. For those concerned about the effects of Electromagnetic (EMF) or Radio Frequencies (RF) from digital meters, we have included research conducted by the Electric Power Research Institute and the World Health Organization that revealed no health impact from Radio Frequency (RF) digital metersRadio frequencies emitted by RF digital meters fall well below the maximum recommended in federal guidelines according to the EPRI Report on Radio Frequency Exposure LevelsFor a quick reference of RF comparisons of common sources, click here.

This printable flyer explains How to Read Your Electric Meter

Empire Electric offers the AMI Relocation and Opt Out Policy for those not wanting an AMI meter located close to living quarters. Please call (970) 565-4450 to speak with the energy management advisor about this option.